Our award winning High Definition (HD) CCTV systems deliver quite simply the finest images in unparalleled detail.

A high definition future...

The benefits of High Definition (HD) CCTV are quickly being realised by forward thinking security professionals…

High Definition (HD) CCTV provides a major leap forward in the capability of CCTV systems. Specifically, in terms of the quality of images which can now be provided, and crucially, the potential to accurately identify suspects and achieve successful convictions.

A (lower-end) 2 megapixel HD camera has 6 times the resolution of a conventional analogue camera, and a 5 megapixel HD camera has 12 times the resolution. Fundamentally this will allow the user situational awareness and facial recognition/ identification of incidents in a much wider area.

Key benefits...

From a security and risk management perspective, the transition to High Definition (HD) CCTV brings with it a number of concrete benefits, in particular, as mentioned, it allows the delivery of more detailed images than ever before.

With a true HD solution the return on investment works in 2 ways;

  • First we can reduce the camera count significantly thereby reducing the overall installation, cabling, hardware and maintenance costs– so while HD system components can be a little more expensive, often the installed system will be cheaper. Note - by keeping the same camera count as an analogue system you will significantly increase the coverage which in turn will create more evidential quality evidence and in turn secure more convictions.
  • A second installation advantage of a HD CCTV solution is that each camera requires just a single CAT5 connection for the power, video, data, (and optional heating and alarm inputs and outputs) which will offer inherent installation savings, and this also means that the whole system can be protected up by a single UPS at a single point.

Implementation Matters...

Of course, as with any new technology, the advent of HD CCTV is not without some potential implementation issues which we as trained and experienced installers are very aware of. HD Cameras are just part of the equation. HD CCTV camera image files are large, and in order to record, store, transmit, playback, search and export High Definition images you will need a true end to end HD solution.

There is a misconception among many CCTV installers that all IP cameras are HD cameras. An approach taken by some installers in providing a ‘HD’ system is to link IP cameras via an IP connection to a network video recorder which can sit at a convenient point on the existing network. This means that users are forcing large amounts of data onto the network to record and view images, potentially crippling the network.

Another ill-conceived approach is to directly connect IP cameras to a network video recorder which has to reduce the size of the image files to allow it to record, store and transmit the images across a network. Image file reduction equates to data loss, and data loss equates to lower quality images.

These are not HD systems, nor are they an approach we would advocate for a proper HD CCTV system.

Our HD CCTV Control Centre is the only software platform in the industry that is purpose designed to handle many millions of pixels of data, the only software platform which utilises lossless technology, and offers the highest network transmission image quality and highest frame rates at the lowest bandwidth.

We offer the widest range of High Definition (HD) CCTV cameras available from 1 through to 29 megapixels. We can also interface with more 3rd party cameras than any other solution, and with a strong R&D division this will continue to be the case. Using encoders we are able to create a hybrid solution adding any new or existing analogue static or PTZ cameras to the control platform offering improved lossless recording and cost effective multiple control positions.

Our HD CCTV Control Centre has been designed around ease of use for both the operator and integrator. Simplicity is the core of the software enabling the end user to record, display, playback, search and export High Definition video quickly and with little training required. It offers an unlimited and flexible upgrade path, no annual licence fee and free software upgrades for the lifetime of the product.

To conclude, HD CCTV is revolutionising how we use CCTV to protect property and identify offenders simply by the delivery of high quality captured images.